What is Sugaring?

A traditional ancient Egyptian method of hair removal, sugaring involves using a 100% natural paste to remove hair from its root. Hair grows back fine & sparse, ready to be removed again in about 4-6 weeks. Sugar is applied against the hair growth with a gloved hand, then gently flicked off in the direction of hair growth.

What kind of wax do you use?

Beach House only uses Hard Wax, the type that is applied and then removed in one piece without any strips. We feel this wax is the most gentle on the skin, able to be used on everyone, even those with the most sensitive skin.

What's the difference between waxing & sugaring?

Wax is applied with a stick in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction. Sugar is applied in the opposite direction and removed in the same direction of hair growth. There is no significant difference in the results of either service. Both remove hair from the root, preventing growth for up to a week, followed by very sparse and thin growth.

Do you wax males & females?

At this time, we only offer Brazilian services to those with female genitalia. We are not trained or insured to offer hair removal for male genitalia. Luckily, Vis-a-Vis down the street does offer Male Brazilians!
For men, we offer eyebrow, chest, back, arm & leg waxing/sugaring.

Does waxing or sugaring hurt less?

50/50 feedback on this. Some think sugaring hurts less, but some think more. It's all about your personal tolerance and which you like better! We recommend trying both.

How long does my hair need to be for a waxing/sugaring service?

An absolute minimum of 14 days is required for your waxing/sugaring service. We highly recommend at least 3 or 4 weeks for the best results. Your hair can also never be too long, so feel free to book your appointment if it has been a while! No need to trim.

Which is better for sensitive skin?

We have sensitive clients who use both wax & sugar because we use the most gentle products available to professionals. However, because sugar only contains 3 all-natural ingredients (sugar, lemon & water) and is warmed, instead of hot, we usually recommend sugaring for sensitive clients.

How do I prepare for my wax/sugar appointment?

Please arrive with clean, dry skin without any lotions or oils. We recommend exfoliating 2-3 days prior to your appointment (please don't scrub the area right before you come). Otherwise, no prep needed!

How long does the service take?

All sugaring/waxing appointments individually take 15 minutes except for full legs, full arms, or back (which are booked for 40 minutes).

How often should I get waxed/sugared?

About 3-4 weeks after your service your hair is ready to be removed again. There will be significantly less hair, making the appointment easier and faster than the first. Keeping up on your hair removal every 3-6 weeks is highly recommended to keep the hair sparse (and you get a discount on Brazilians!).