Questions about spray tans? Check below for your answers, and please contact us if you have additional questions.

What does a spray tan appointment consist of?

When you come in for a spray tan appointment, we will start with going over your desired look, level of darkness & skin tone. Your specialist will escort you to the spray tan area, direct you on how to prepare for your spray tan using sticky feet, dressing options, and then leave the room for you to get changed. Once you are changed and inside the spray tan tent, they will enter the room and begin the service. Your specialist will direct you on how to pose throughout the tan for the most even application. The actual spray tan only takes about 5 minutes. You are in and out of the spa within 15 minutes.

How do I dress for a spray tan appointment?

To the appointment: We recommend wearing loose clothes & a loose bra (or no bra) to wear out of your appointment, so the tan doesn't rub. Sweat pants, gym shorts, tank top, sweatshirt, things like that.


During the Spray Tan: However you'd like! Think tan lines. Do you care if you have a tan line, or do you want 100% of your body to be tan? During the tan, you are allowed to dress however makes you the most comfortable.

The spray tan solution is all natural & water soluble, so it will wash out of your clothes. Therefore, feel free to wear a bra, underwear, tank top, nothing, whatever! Just keep tan lines in mind.

The most common ways our clients dress is either only underwear or nothing at all. But again, you are welcome to whatever you want.

**MEN: Men are required to wear boxers or swim shorts when receiving a spray tan.

How does a spray tan work?

Spray tan solutions contain an ingredient called DHA. DHA, made from powdered sugar, causes a reaction in the amino acids in your skin and turns them darker. 

At your spray tan appointment, we will customize your solution to your desired darkness & spray this solution all over your body, customizing to your natural contours and curves (which booth tans don't do, FYI).

**Depending on if you receive the "Original" or "Rapid" Solution, you have a certain amount of "rest" time for your spray tan to set into your skin.

During this time, do NOT:
- Shower

- Get wet

- Sweat

- Apply products

Original Solution Set Time: 8-16 hours

Rapid Solution Set: 2-6 hours

How long should I get a spray tan before my event?

If you are getting a spray tan for a special event, we recommend getting sprayed 1-2 days prior. This allows plenty of time for the tan to fully develop. If you are getting married, please inquire about the trial tan package we offer for brides/grooms.

How long does a spray tan last?

With proper aftercare, the tan will last 7-10 days.
Aftercare: No scrubs, oily lotions, shaving, or waxing. Anything that's going to take the top layer of skin off will take your tan with it.

How do I prepare for a spray tan appointment?

To ensure the longest lasting, most even tan, please follow these preparation instructions:

  1. Shower & Exfoliate 2-24 hours prior to your appointment. Exfoliating will get all your dead skin cells off, allowing the spray tan to set on even, clean skin, and last 7-10+ days. By not exfoliating, you risk the tan sticking to dead skin cells that will shed the day after the tan. This makes the tan look splotchy and uneven. Make sure you shave before the tan, as shaving will make the tan fade faster.

  2. Wash off any deodorants, moisturizers, lotions, body sprays, etc. before the appointment. If any of these are left on the skin, the solution will not attach to the skin to give optimal results.

  3. Come prepared with proper coverage if you don’t want your whole body sprayed. Do you want to leave underwear on? If so, do you want a thong or full panties? You are welcome to undress completely or leave undergarments on. However, MEN must wear boxers, briefs, or swim trunks when they are sprayed.

  4. Know that you are not able to shower, swim, or exercise for at least 8-12 hours after the spray tan. If this is difficult for you, we recommend our “Rapid Developing” Spray Tan. This solution allows you to rinse in 2 - 6 hours, depending on how dark you want to be; leave on longer if you want to be darker, or shower at 2 hours to keep a light tan.

  5. Wear loose clothes so the tan doesn’t stick or rub wrong. Our solution dries quickly, but wearing tight clothes can create moisture which makes for an uneven tan.

What is the aftercare of a spray tan?

Immediately Following Tan:​

  1. Do not swim, shower, or exercise for at least 8 hours (unless Rapid Tan, then 2-6 hours) following the appointment. Any moisture on your tan before it properly sets will affect the results. After your shower, feel free to do everything else!

  2. Decide how dark you want to be. The tan will continue to get darker until you rinse the bronzer off, so you have to rinse it within the allotted time frame. If you got original, rinse anytime between 8-16 hours after you were sprayed. Rinsing before 8 will not allow the tan to develop fully.


  1. Ready to rinse the bronzer off? Rinse with water until all the bronzer is off and the water is clear. Then, you can use body/hair products. Don’t use any exfoliating products like loofahs or scrubs. Be sure to rub your hands all over your body to get all the developer off. Any developer left on will turn into an uneven tan.  The tan will continue to slowly develop for 12-16 hours after the shower, so it's normal to feel super light after you get out.

  2. Bronzer will come off in the shower. It’s normal to see your tan go down the drain. There’s plenty of solution already absorbed into your skin that will keep developing for several hours.

  3. Moisturize daily using a sunless tan-safe moisturizer. Moisturizing will slow the skin’s shedding process, allowing your tan to last even longer!

  4. Enjoy your tan for 7-10 days!

What is the difference between the Original and Rapid solutions?

Original: Designed to get to a specific, pre-chosen tone: Light, Medium or Dark. Waiting longer will not make the tan darker, it will stay the same color. Rinse within 8-16 hours. 

Rapid: Designed so the longer you wait, the darker the tan.

The Rapid Solution allows you to control your darkness level, which is why it's the most popular service. Depending on desired darkness, a rapid solution allows you to rinse the tan within 2-6 hours of application. No worrying about ruining the tan, and you get to better control your darkness level. Both solutions take 24 hours to fully develop, and both last 7-10 days.

"OMG! My tan is GONE after I showered!"

Don't panic, the solution isn't fully developed yet. It takes 24 hours for a spray tan to get to it's full color. Especially if you used a rapid tan, you will see most of it come off in the shower. This is because it was a rapid-set tan, not a rapid-develop. It just allows you to rinse sooner while still getting a pretty dark tan. Also, what you saw in the mirror before you showered was a body sprayed with a whole lot of bronzer, which is meant to show you the end-result, and washes right off.
If you are TRULY not dark enough 24 hours, PLEASE CONTACT US! We will re-spray you for free. This is not a perfect science, and DHA reacts differently on everybody. Someone who rinsed in 2 hours might have a darker tan than someone who waited 4 hours. The first tan is kind of a trial, but the next will be perfect.

"I'm Not Dark Enough!"

If you've waited the full 24 hours and you are still not dark enough, PLEASE CONTACT US! We will re-spray you for free. This is not a perfect science, and DHA reacts differently on everybody. Someone who rinsed in 2 hours might have a darker tan than someone who waited 4 hours. The first tan is kind of a trial, but the next will be perfect. However, this does not apply if we discussed the level of depth with you and you went with "light" because you were nervous. This only applies if you truly have a barely noticeable tan when you expected to have a much darker turnout. <3